Sara discovers a passion for photography at age 14 in her native Sardinia. From the beginning she is inspired by the colors and atmosphere of the island, which become protagonists in her shots. At 19 she decided to move to England, where she continued her photographic studies and get the mastery of the English language.

Her first international business travel is in Jakarta, Indonesia: Sara here deepens the techniques of shooting fashion, working with relevant Indonesian magazines owned by Femina Group and participating in Jakarta Fashion week as event’s official photographer.

Back in Europe in 2014 she opened her own studio in Cagliari, the base from which she moves frequently to destinations such as Paris, London and Milan, cities that helped to hone her ability to grasp the reality in a fairytale key, oriented to beauty.

She has been working in the weddings industry for years and passionately carries out personal projects on travel photography. 
She also works on the movie set as a stage photographer.

Pastel colors, fairy lights, suggestive scenarios: these are the ingredients that distinguish the picture of Sara Montalbano.